The principles of masters

Frank Arnold’s inspirational talks not only sparkle with rhetoric. They also convey profound insights into management, that open up the way to lasting success.

How do some companies achieve peak performances and excellent success while others remain mediocre? Dr. Frank Arnold provides answers in his talk. Thanks to his intense interest in this subject, and discussions about various issues that also played a major role in the development of his bestseller “Learning from thinkers and doers”, Dr. Frank Arnold can impart knowledge from top international managers to his audience.

Main topics:

  • Success-generating knowledge of top international managers
  • Valuable and diverse advice, which led to the success of top international managers and influential personalities like Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Mathias Döpfner and Wolfgang Schäuble
  • Principles and priorities lived by successful managers
  • Fascinating examples of solutions, principles and perspectives
  • Ways to boundless confidence and smooth collaboration
  • Making the right decisions – making the decisions right
  • Avoid errors in reasoning and act smart

If you are interested in Dr. Frank Arnold delivering a keynote speech or talk at your event, also specifically adapted according to your interests, please feel free to contact us.

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